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Origami-based structures for designing soft robots with new capabilities

The largest robotics meeting in the world will welcome a one-day workshop on origami-based robots on May 29th, 2023 in London.

The workshop will be a unique chance to introduce in-depth discussions on origami-based design into IEEE ICRA conference. To stimulate exchanges, several communities will be gathered from the fields of micro-nano robotics, mechanism design and also soft robotics. It will be a pleasure to have you participating in this workshop, for which internationally-renowned speakers are already confirmed, including Biruta Kresling, creator among others of the Kresling tower origami. Interactivity will be favored with an introductory hands-on session and interactive sessions where prototypes are welcome.

Please visit the workshop website for all details: 

Organizing committee: Stephane Viollet, Pierre Renaud, Kanty Rabenorosoa, Jamie Paik, Cynthia Sung and Mirko Kovac