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The aim of the OrigaBot project is precisely to develop a brand-new class of reconfigurable origami-based structures for the design of multi-modal locomotion robots. The OrigaBot will feature a morphing frame enabling it to change its span and perform both terrestrial and aerial locomotion efficiently. Combining ground and aerial locomotion constitutes a smart energetic trade-off for navigating in a cluttered environment and saving energy. In response to the urgent need for robust robots that can be used in field missions, the OrigaBot project provides a unique opportunity for developing remotely piloted multi-modal terrestrial and aerial robots with an innovative actuated origami that can fold up on the spot.


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  1. Опсуимолог

    Ничего особенно не трудно, если разделить работу на небольшие части.
    Опсуимолог - человек, который помогает в сложных вопросах.

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