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Workshop ICRA 2020

Origami-based structures for designing soft robots with new capabilities


Origami has undergone several revolutions: the development of a novel visual language in the art of paper folding in the 20th century, that of a mathematical language for modeling 3-D folding and recently, that of self-folding mechanical structures. The design of origami-based structures has indeed entered a new era when micro-actuators such as electro-active polymers (EAP), and shape-memory alloys (SMA) or polymers (SMP) were introduced to make structures self-deployable, or to enable them to change their shapes dynamically, for example by combining elastic bands and tendon. In a very recent focus published in Science Robotics, Rus and Sung predict that origami robots will be autonomous machines with increased customizability and adaptability. The versatility and diversity of folding structures can lead to the development of cutting-edge innovations by combining them with micro-actuators.


The objectives of this workshop are twofold. First, it will bring several communities from for example the fields of micro-nano robotics, mechanism design and also soft robotics around the design of origami-based robots at various scales. Studies on soft actuators and sensors including stretchable electronics will be considered of great interest for the design of origami-based robots.

Topics of interest
  • Origami for robotics
    • Material
    • Process of fabrication: 3D printing, laser cutting…
    • Embedded actuators for origami structures
    • 2D and 3D origami
  • Actuated origami-based structure
  • Soft actuators and sensors
  • Stretchable electronics
  • Meta-materials
  • Foldable robots
  • Design and modelling of origami
  • Multimodal robotics
List of potential speakers
  • Dario Floreano (EPLF, Switzerland): confirmed
  • Shuguang Li (MIT, USA): confirmed
  • Itai Cohen (Cornell, USA): confirmed
  • Dae-Young Lee (KIST, South Korea): awaiting
  • Kyu-Jin Cho (SNU, South Korea): confirmed
  • Mirko Kovac (Imperial College, UK): confirmed
  • André R. Studart (ETH Zurich, Switzerland): confirmed
  • Benoit Roman (ESPCI, France): confirmed
  • Eric Diller (Toronto Univ., Canada): confirmed
  • Amanda Ghassaei (Creative Intell. Lab, San Francisco, USA): awaiting
  • Larry L. Howell (Brigham Young University, USA): potentially
  • Tomohiro Tachi (University of Tokyo): awaiting
  • Erik Demaine (MIT, USA): confirmed

This workshop is supported by RAS TC on Micro-Nano Robotics and Automation, TC on Soft Robotics, and TC on Mechanisms and Design.

  • Full-day workshop.
  • Date: June 4, 2020